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Bringing you the highest level, always


To bring out your true inner beauty, visible external care alone is not enough.
Total care that includes mental stability and internal organ health will unlock your innate natural beauty.
Drawing out customers' innate beauty is the value that HARICCHI seeks to offer.
As a total life partner of our customers, we combine knowledge of Western and Eastern medicine with related advanced technologies to help bring out long-lasting beauty.

Serving customers as a life partner


President, Ginza HARICCHI
Naho Kawabe

Drawing out customers' innate beauty to its utmost through esthetic acupuncture and moxibustion is the motto of Ginza HARICCHI. Pursuing the ultimate in beauty, the Ginza HARICCHI esthetic acupuncture and moxibustion salon employs only national government license holders authorized by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to perform procedures. I myself was troubled for over 10 years by poor condition due to autonomous nervous disorder, including hives, sleeplessness, and rough skin. My symptoms, which did not improve even as I tried various remedies, improved quickly after my encounter with acupuncture and moxibustion treatment. Wanting to help people suffering from the same symptoms as mine, and wanting to convey the appeal of the esthetic acupuncture and moxibustion that changed my life, I acquired a license for acupuncture and moxibustion treatment and opened Ginza HARICCHI.

Even now, acupuncture and moxibustion face preconceptions as painful and scary procedures that make people feel uneasy. In truth, however, they are compelling procedures that comfortably relieve fatigue and solve a variety of skin problems. Please rest assured that Ginza HARICCHI performs procedures so as to minimize any risks of pain and internal bleeding. It is our wish that customers encounter their own innate beauty, and live healthily and beautifully, both inside and outside the body.

Features of HARICCHI's esthetic acupuncture

HARICCHI's esthetic acupuncture is loved by many for its high-level procedures tailored to customers' individual concerns, and for the certain changes that can be felt immediately after procedures.

Treatment and services that boast a high level of satisfaction, with a repeat rate of over 90%

Over 90% of our visitors become repeat customers. Our salons receive visits from actresses, models, and a wide range of celebrities. We offer customers services with tangible effects, as featured many times on television, in magazines, and in other media.


History of television appearances


Our unique discovery of pressure points with immediate effects!

Esthetic acupuncture is more than a simple matter of placing needles about the face. HARICCHI performs its own research into the concerns of customers and into beauty-related pressure points that have immediate effect. We provide assured stimulation through advanced technology.


Greater immediate effect through micro-current!

Acupuncture can be applied in various ways, with differing effects and sensations of pain. HARICCHI applies palpably fluctuating micro-current pulses to effective pressure points, further enhancing the immediacy of the effect.


Resolving customers' unique concerns

The concerns and physical condition of customers differ with every individual. HARICCHI accurately assesses the condition of customers through pre-procedure counseling, based on which we propose optimal procedure plans to customers.


Reliable treatment by national government license holders only

All staff at HARICCHI are holders of national government licenses for acupuncture and moxibustion, letting practitioners address more than just concerns over face and skin. As we do not operate without licenses, first-time customers and esthetic acupuncture customers can undergo treatment procedures with peace of mind.


Procedures with minimal pain

Many persons may feel uneasy over the application of needles to the face. Of our customers who have actually undergone HARICCHI's procedures, however, many report that they were not even aware of the application of needles.
Those who did feel pain reported that it was similar to occasional mosquito bites. Persons with low tolerance for pain can undergo procedures with peace of mind.


Needles as fine as a hair

The needles we use in procedures are highest grade needles of stainless steel and are as fine as a human hair, just 0.1 mm in diameter. Customers can rest assured that our needles are single-use only.


Spaces for relaxation

Relaxing during the esthetic acupuncture procedure is said to lessen any pain. HARICCHI offers clean, calm spaces where customers can unwind, freed from the stress of everyday life. The spaces are fully private rooms, letting customers relax as they undergo the procedures.


Precise procedures by staff trained under rigorous instruction

HARICCHI's practitioners are allowed to provide treatment only after passing a rigorous training program. Our effective procedures are performed with minimal pain by practitioners who hold national government licenses and have cleared further rigorous examinations.

Hygiene management at HARICCHI

HARICCHI performs thorough hygiene management, letting customers undergo procedures with safety and peace of mind in a clean environment.


All needles are single-use

The needles we use in procedures are highest grade needles of stainless steel and are as fine as a human hair, just 0.1 mm in diameter. Customers can rest assured that needles are single-use only.


Thorough hand sterilization before procedures

Before beginning procedures, practitioners sterilize their hands thoroughly. Any instruments that contact customers are also sterilized thoroughly.