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What is HARICCHI's esthetic acupuncture?

The causes of skin troubles lie inside the body. When the metabolism of skin declines with age and sluggish blood flow fails to deliver sufficient nutrients to skin, concerns including sagging, dark circles around the eyes, and wrinkles can result. Lack of sleep and autonomous nerve disorders can also lead to skin troubles.
Esthetic acupuncture has the power to increase blood flow, energize metabolism, and bring about mental calm. It further regulates internal organ functionality and autonomous nervous system balance, while also deeply relaxing the mind and body, making it ideal for persons troubled by sleeplessness and irritability.
Eliminating the causes of skin troubles at their root lets users obtain true inner beauty.


What is the acupuncture therapy at the base of esthetic acupuncture?

What is the Eastern therapeutic practice of acupuncture?

Acupuncture therapy is an Eastern therapeutic practice developed in ancient China. As placing needles at pressure points throughout the body can improve the flow of blood and draw out the innate powers of the body, acupuncture has been used to treat various diseases and injuries since times of old. It also has the effect of regulating disorders of the autonomic nervous system and internal organ functionality, and excels in the treatment of areas that cannot be fundamentally resolved by Western medicine alone.


Effectiveness recognized by the WHO

Unlike Western medicine, under which research has advanced scientifically, acupuncture treatment has progressed on the basis of observations that have continued for over 2000 years. Acupuncture has been systemized over a long history of observing what effects are obtained through stimulation of what pressure points. While many of its mechanisms have not yet been clarified, its effectiveness has been confirmed in various countries around the world, and in recent years even the WHO (World Health Organization) has recognized its effectiveness.


From both inside and outside the body
Esthetic acupuncture for effectiveness

The mechanisms behind the effectiveness of esthetic acupuncture

Esthetic acupuncture was created for esthetic purposes, based on acupuncture treatment described above. When blood flow deteriorates and metabolism declines due to causes including aging and stress, skin loses firmness and luster. Worries like sagging and dark circles around the eyes occur when the body can no longer fully exert its innate power.
Esthetic acupuncture is able to address the root of the problem. Needles are placed at pressure points around the body, with concentration on the face, to energize the metabolism. In specific terms, the practice makes use of the body's own therapeutic power. As an example, the face is stimulated directly using needles inserted 2mm into the dermal layer. Awakening to repair the damage, the skin increases in firmness and elasticity after several days, becoming supple and resilient. Moreover, it enhances skin elasticity by stimulating facial muscles, promising to alleviate sagging in the face and create an overall lifting effect. The same holds for the body as a whole. Esthetic acupuncture draws out beauty through the mechanism of activating the body's innate repair response in order to create beauty.


Enhancing the effectiveness of esthetic acupuncture through micro-current

There are various techniques for performing acupuncture. There are cases in which a needle is removed immediately after insertion, and cases in which it is left in for a while. HARICCHI's esthetic acupuncture uses the technique of applying a pulse electromagnetic wave from the tip of the needle after application. This promises greater effectiveness than regular application of needles.


The effectiveness of esthetic acupuncture

Esthetic acupuncture provides treatment through an effect that directly beautifies visible skin, an effect that treats and regulates through an approach from internal organs, nerves, and other non-visible systems, and an effect that brings out the natural beauty innate to everyone.

Example of improvement (1)

Example of improvement (1)


Example of improvement (1)


Example of improvement (2)





(Photographs of HARICCHI customers)

Skin beautifying effect

  • 小顔

    A slimmer face through lifting

    While esthetic acupuncture has many effects, what people will notice immediately after a procedure is a tighter, firmer face. As blood flow improves and swelling is eliminated after the procedure, patients will experience a lifting effect that is apparent at a glance.

  • 美肌

    Promotion of blood circulation to achieve skin that glows from within

    Poor blood circulation may cause dark circles around the eyes, swelling, and other conditions. As blood delivers nutrients to all tissues, poor circulation on its own can seriously damage skin. As esthetic acupuncture has the effect of improving blood circulation, it delivers fundamental aid in eliminating dark circles, dullness, and swelling, for beautiful skin that glows from within.

  • Anti-aging

    Anti-aging effects

    While the causes of wrinkles and sagging are varied, the greatest of them is the age-related decline in the hyaluronic acid, collagen, and other components that are necessary to create firm skin. As esthetic acupuncture works directly on the dermal layer that produces these components and promotes metabolism, it promises an anti-aging effect.

Regulating the inside of the body

  • リラックス

    Regulating the autonomous nervous system for relaxation

    If the autonomic nervous system is out of balance due to stress or other factors, resting when the body should take rest may not be possible, possibly resulting in symptoms such as sleeplessness, irritability, tinnitus, and dizziness.
    Acupuncture has the effect of regulating the autonomous nervous system to a normal state. Drawing on this treatment, esthetic acupuncture offers the same effect, and also provides physical and mental relaxation to many people through its procedures.

  • Dieting

    Dieting effect

    Esthetic acupuncture is effective in regulating the workings of the stomach and intestines. Moreover, as the body's pressure points include those that suppress swelling and suppress appetite, stimulating those pressure points helps achieve a slimming-ready body. Esthetic acupuncture alone is not sufficient for slimming, but it does offer promise in readying the body for losing weight.

  • 肩こりの解消

    Elimination of shoulder and muscle stiffness

    Although muscles are normally soft, fatigued muscles become hard and compress blood vessels and lymph ducts, restricting flow. This is the cause of stiffness. As shoulders in particular easily become fatigued, many people are bothered by stiff shoulders.
    With its action of increasing blood circulation, acupuncture is also effective in treating stiff shoulders or other muscles.

  • 不眠治療

    Alleviation of sleeplessness (promotion of quality sleep)

    The parasympathetic nervous system becomes active and creates a relaxed state at times when the body should rest, such as before going to bed or after a meal. However, when the workings of the parasympathetic nervous system slow down as a result of daily stress or other causes, sleep at night may become difficult or a state of tension may continue, resulting in sleeplessness.
    Acupuncture activates the workings of the parasympathetic nervous system, suppressing irritability and creating a relaxed mood. Persons who normally suffer from sleeplessness often rest soundly during acupuncture procedures.

  • 不妊治療

    Also recommended for persons concerned with infertility

    While the cause of infertility is often thought to lie on the female side, it can in fact lie on the male side. In addition, as multiple factors may be intertwined in some cases or causes may not be clear even when examined, persons seeking pregnancy are suggested to try various methods.
    Acupuncture has the effect of regulating the workings of the autonomous nervous system. In addition, it eliminates chills, a cause of infertility, and has a relaxing effect. For those reasons, it is recommended in combination with infertility treatment.

Is esthetic acupuncture painful?


Most people feel no pain

Needles are applied to pressure points throughout the body in acupuncture treatment, but special techniques are said to make pain uncommon. Many HARICCHI customers say they do not even notice when the needles were applied, or liken any pain to the bite of a mosquito.


HARICCHI's needles are ultra-fine!

Whether acupuncture needles cause pain is affected by the thickness of the needles, with thinner needles said to involve less pain. Compared with a mosquito's proboscis at 0.08 mm and a human hair at 0.05 to 0.15 mm in thickness, HARICCHI's ultra-fine needles have a thickness of 0.10 mm. For that reason, many customers do not even notice when the needles are applied.


The unique De Qi sensation of acupuncture therapy

The sensation that thrums through the body when the needles enter muscle is called De Qi. This sensation is peculiar to acupuncture. Persons with serious symptoms, or those accustomed to acupuncture, often find it pleasant, and some salons appear to seek the De Qi sensation in their acupuncture.
However, as persons who are not familiar with acupuncture often find it unpleasant, HARICCHI carefully confirms that customers are feeling no pain during procedures. As HARICCHI can apply needles in a way that avoids De Qi customers who are uneasy should consult freely with the practitioner.

Are there side effects to esthetic acupuncture?


Internal bleeding is possible

Numerous capillaries run through the surface of the skin. As the walls of blood vessels in a healthy body have elasticity, the blood vessels will move away from applied needles. However, if blood flow is sluggish or nutrition is insufficient, the blood vessels may fail to avoid the needles and internal bleeding may occur.
Even if internal hemorrhage occurs, traces do not remain for a long time; coloring fades in a few days and disappears completely in about three weeks. As HARICCHI can avoid more visible parts of the face in the application of needles, customers who are uneasy should consult freely with the practitioner.


What is the cleansing reaction?

As a side effect of acupuncture treatment, customers may feel drowsiness, sleepiness, or hotness after procedures. Occurring when blood flow improves and accumulated fatiguing substances run through the body following acupuncture treatment, this is known as the cleansing reaction.
The condition will ease when the fatiguing substances are discharged from the body. Be sure to get plenty of water and rest quietly if you experience the cleansing reaction.