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Beauty Acupuncture Course

Beauty Acupuncture Course

Beauty Acupuncture Course

  • ¥13,000
    (Outside tax)
  • ¥4,900
    (Outside tax)

This special course, focused on anti-aging, promises the greatest esthetic effect in the history of HARICCHI. We focus the treatment procedures of our Actress Acupuncture Course, our salon's most popular course, to deliver even greater effect to the face and to approach the surface and deeper layers of the skin even more thoroughly. This course offers unprecedented effectiveness on skin, creating a lifting effect, improving firmness, and providing relief for dark circles around the eyes, dullness, eye strain, acne-affected skin, and wrinkles.

Especially recommended for these persons:

  • Persons concerned with sagging skin due to age
  • Persons who are dissatisfied with cosmetics alone
  • Persons who can expect powerful results from procedures other than cosmetic surgery
  • Persons seeking immediate firmness in skin
  • Persons seeking immediate multiple effects

Anticipated effects

This course yields effects that transcend all skin concerns, including lifting, firmness, enhanced skin quality, and alleviation of dark circles around the eyes, dullness, eye strain, acne, and wrinkles.

  • Lifting
  • Dark circles around eyes
  • Dullness
  • Eye strain
  • Alleviation of acne
  • Suppleness
  • Alleviation of wrinkles
  • Improvement of skin quality

Steps in the course

  • Counseling, change of clothes

    [3 min]


    We determine the content of procedures, tailored to every customer’s current skin condition and concerns. As the course does not require change of clothes, customers can undergo procedures as they are.

  • Disinfection of the procedure area - Acupuncture in the legs and shoulder area

    [2 min]


    After disinfecting the area where acupuncture will be performed, we perform acupuncture on the feet to prevent hot flashes, and to the neck to enhance the lifting effect. Alcohol-free disinfectant is available for customers with alcohol-sensitive skin.

    *The high-grade needles used by HARICCHI are disposed of after each use. Customers concerned over hygiene can rest assured.

  • First type of acupuncture (face-head) and micro-current

    [About 20 min (includes 10 minutes with electricity)]


    The first type of acupuncture is an approach to the deep layers of the skin. The further application of micro-current promotes blood flow throughout the face. It normalizes cellular turnover (skin rebirth) and further enables the delivery of fresh blood to skin cells, letting skin glow from deep within.

  • Second type of acupuncture (face, head), micro-current

    [20 minutes (includes 10 minutes with electricity)]


    The second type of acupuncture is an approach to the surface layers of the skin. It softens hardened dead skin and revives firmness in skin that has lost elasticity. Through surface-layer acupuncture and application of micro-current, skin is reborn to an unprecedented pleasant feel. We continue to apply micro-current to the scalp from the first type of acupuncture, gradually and firmly pulling up the face from the scalp.

  • To the makeup room



    After the customer changes clothes, we serve tea in the makeup room. Customers who wish to put on makeup can do so here.

For customers of the Beauty Acupuncture Course

Changing clothes is not necessary. Please arrive in clothing that reveals the ankles. While this course can be undergone with makeup applied, your makeup may become smudged. If you wish to redo your makeup, please bring your own products and instruments.