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Platinum Course

Platinum Course

Platinum Course

  • ¥9,300
    (Outside tax)
  • ¥5,600
    (Outside tax)

This course, combining esthetic acupuncture with moxibustion, originated with HARICCHI and has been enormously popular since our founding. Following diagnosis based on Eastern medicine, we perform acupuncture tailored to customers' condition on pressure points on the legs and abdomen, to regulate the functioning of internal organs. In addition, targeting highly effective pressure points developed by HARICCHI, we apply acupuncture to the face and deliver electrical micro-current. Following that, we perform special moxibustion on the face and head, with tremendous effectiveness on lifting and on alleviation of dark circles around the eyes, dullness, various skin troubles, and sleeplessness.

Especially recommended for these persons:

  • Persons concerned with sagging skin due to age
  • Persons concerned with dark circles around the eyes
  • Persons who are prone to dull skin and who appear tired
  • Persons who have difficulty falling asleep and experience shallow sleep

Anticipated effects

Effects include lifting, alleviation of dark circles around the eyes and dullness, and other esthetic effects. The course is also effective in improving the quality of sleep.

  • Liftup
  • Dark circles around eyes
  • relaxation

Steps in the course

  • Counseling, change of clothes

    [5 min]


    Customers change clothes in the dressing room, after which we check the skin to determine the content of procedures. Please convey any particular ongoing concerns at that time.

  • Disinfection of the procedure area

    [5 min]


    We disinfect the location where needles will be applied. As the needles used at HARICCHI are high-grade disposable needles, customers can rest assured that they are receiving hygienic procedures. Alcohol-free disinfectant is available for customers with alcohol-sensitive skin.

  • Acupuncture in the legs, abdomen, and shoulder area

    [10 min]


    The close relationship between the skin and internal organ functioning is such that disorders of stomach and intestinal functions can cause rough skin. As HARICCHI aims for healthy beauty from the inside, we first inspect the veins, tongue, and abdomen in order to examine the body from an Eastern medicine perspective. We then perform acupuncture on pressure points on the legs and abdomen to regulate weakened internal organ functions. To improve blood flow to the face, we also perform acupuncture to address stiffness in the neck and shoulders.

    (The high-grade needles used by HARICCHI are disposed of after each use. Customers concerned over hygiene can rest assured.)

  • Acupuncture and micro-current on the face and head

    [20 minutes (includes 10 minutes with electricity)]


    Application of needles and micro-current to pressure points on the face improve blood flow throughout the face overall. As these procedures normalize the action of cellular turnover and cause fresh blood to flow to the cells of the skin, skin is reborn to be glowing and healthy. Many people relax deeply enough to sleep while the parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated and electricity is applied.

  • Moxibustion and hot towel on the face

    [10 min]


    We use moxibustion with a pleasant warmth to further promote blood flow in the face and head. Moxibustion on the face enhances blood flow throughout the face, while moxibustion on the head improves the quality of sleep and invites pleasant sleep.

  • Application of moisturizing essence (moisturizer)

    [10 min]


    We apply HARICCHI's original highly moisturizing essence generously, regulate the skin, and finally perform a head massage.

  • To the makeup room



    After the customer changes clothes, we serve tea in the makeup room. Customers who wish to put on makeup can do so here.

For customers of the Platinum Course

The needles used at HARICCHI are high-grade disposable needles, letting customers rest assured that they are receiving hygienic procedures. In addition, HARICCHI's moxibustion does not leave marks.
While this course can be undergone with makeup applied, customers who wish to redo their makeup can do so in the makeup room. Customers who will apply makeup are asked to bring their own make-up products and instruments.