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Water and Light Acupuncture Course

Water and Light Acupuncture Course

Water and Light Acupuncture Course

  • ¥13,000
    (Outside tax)
  • ¥

This course focuses on alleviating dullness and improving skin quality, through a combination of esthetic acupuncture and healing. It smooths the surface of skin to make it moist and youthful.
Whole-hand peeling exfoliates dead skin on the surface of skin. Following exfoliation, we apply generous amounts of essence specialized for moisturizing and anti-oxidation to the face, neck, and décolletage. We then use acupuncture to improve skin quality, and also normalize the action of turnover.

Especially recommended for these persons:

  • Persons concerned with dullness
  • Persons just before photography sessions or major events
  • Persons with dry skin
  • Persons prone to acne
  • Persons with rough skin

Anticipated effects

Removing the old dead skin and restoring the skin's inherent transparency and softness leads to soft, moisture-rich skin without dullness.

  • Dullness
  • Alleviation of acne
  • Lustrous skin

Steps in the course

  • Counseling, change of clothes

    [5 min]


    Customers change clothes in the dressing room, after which we check the skin to determine the content of procedures. Please convey any particular ongoing concerns at that time.

  • Peeling, application of moisturizing essence (moisturizer)

    [30 min]


    We perform peeling entirely by hand to remove dead skin remaining on the surface of the skin. After that, we apply generous amounts of HARICCHI's special moisturizing and anti-oxidation essence to the face, neck, and décolletage to regulate the skin.
    (Although we use peeling agents that are gentle on the skin, please consult with the practitioner in advance if you have sensitive skin or other concerns.)

  • Acupuncture and micro-current on the face

    [25 minutes (includes 10 minutes with electricity)]


    Application of needles and micro-current to pressure points on the face and head can improve blood flow throughout the face overall. As this normalizes the action of cellular turnover and causes fresh blood to flow to the cells of the skin, dullness disappears and skin is reborn to be glowing and healthy. Many people relax deeply enough to sleep while the parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated and electricity is applied.
    (The high-grade needles used by HARICCHI are disposed of after each use. Customers concerned over hygiene can rest assured.)

  • Finishing

    [5 min]


    We remove needles, check the condition of the skin, and reapply the finishing essence.

  • To the makeup room



    After the customer changes clothes, we serve tea in the makeup room. Customers who wish to put on makeup can do so here.

For customers of the Water and Light Acupuncture Course

This course includes peeling, and differs from other courses in that makeup is removed before the procedures. As there are no washbasins in the salon, we request that you remove makeup before your visit.
After the procedure, the makeup room can be used. Customers who will apply makeup are asked to bring their own make-up products and instruments.